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Summary: 9 Trends Shaping The Future of Data Analytics

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The Data Analytics and AI space in Nigeria is still at its infancy and many companies are yet to embrace analytics in their workflows, let alone develop a data culture for a true digital transformation.

IDG Connect conducted a quantitative survey among 200 U.S. based IT leaders at companies with over 500 employees, across all industries.

64% of surveyed IT leaders say they’re adding data analytics oversight to their roles in 2019. Without further ado, we present you the summary of the report which you can download below.

  1. Big data is everywhere – Over 62% of organisations have deployed enterprise-wide big data initiatives
  2. Expectations are sky-high – Most IT and business leaders know there’s hidden value in their data and 48% invest in data initiatives to improve decision-making
  3. Analytics is still the Wild West – 67% acknowledge that leveraging analytics has been “chaotic” with over 70% pointing out that their organisation’s data is not being utilized to its full extent
  4. Security remains top of mind – Data security concerns, IT budget constraints, data integration challenges and lack of technical expertise remain the top challenges with operationalising big data
  5. Integration is a major hurdle – Only about 12% – 17% report that pulling data from multiple sources is not very challenging, while the majority admit to having challenges with integration
  6. The Cloud is breaking down barriers – Already, 34% of analytics tools in use are cloud-based
  7. The hunt is ON for data value – Only about 31% of organisations say they’re adept at extracting valuable insights from their data
  8. There’s a need for data speed – Users are asking for real-time data aggregation and analysis, as well as faster access to data and insights, on mobile and on the desktop
  9. The “Citizen Analyst” role is taking root – 82% agree that self-service analytics is a priority at their organisations while only 6% say these capabilities are not critical when evaluating big data tools and solutions

These are the major trends shaping the future of data analytics in organisations and we are already experiencing a paradigm shift in how organisations operationalise data in Nigeria.

Please also bear in mind that some numbers would have to be updated as costs of items may have changed. You might also have to include some costs not present in the model e.g. the cost of fencing.

Download the report below

Download the IDG report>>


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