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A Visual Display of Resa Academy’s Survey Form Respondents

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Resa Academy Analysis

Resa Academy is scheduled to launch on March 7, 2020, and we’re very excited to deliver sterling, hands-on and interactive workshops on analytics using Power BI, Excel and Python.

A core part of what we do at Resagratia is working on Open Analytics projects. We’re committed to building quality analytics solutions that can be reproduced and shared to solve local challenges. You can think of it as data democratisation. We have a lot of datasets that need meaningful insights drawn from them and interpreted visually. We will be going through building some of these solutions with our participants and hopefully, instilling a mentality of lifelong learning, collaboration and growth.

Because we’re big on using visuals to communicate insights and performance, we’ve decided to develop a short, visual story on Resa Academy’s survey form respondents.

Visual Story Dashboard

Register for Resa Academy March 7, 2020 cohort here.

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