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Visualizing The Top 1000 Lifetime Grossing Movies

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Top grossing movies IMDb

In the series of videos below, we will be connecting to the movies data available on the Box Office Mojo website to build our dashboard. Our primary BI tool is Power BI, so ensure to have Power BI Desktop downloaded to follow along.

We hope you learn more about Power BI’s capabilities with this series and we have made available the interactive dashboard which can be explored below.

Working Materials

Download the working materials to get you started – here.

1. Getting Data From The Web

2. Combining Multiple Tables

3. Cleaning and Transforming Data

4. Adding a Custom Column in Power Query

5. Creating Visuals

6. Designing Insightful Reports

7. Bonus – Natural Language Processing

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial series on visualising the top 1000 lifetime grossing movies. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, reach out here and let’s talk.

Explore the interactive dashboard below

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