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How to Connect MySQL to Power BI

MySQL is one of the most used legacy database management systems while it is the industry standard for storing and querying data, its forte is not in visualizing and aggregating data from multiple sources that is where Power BI comes in. So, what does it mean to connect? To connect is to join, link, unite, […]
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Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL

Data exploration! What does it mean to explore? To explore is to inquire into or discuss in detail. To explore is to travel through an unfamiliar path in order to learn about it, to conquer it and that’s exactly what we intend to achieve in this article. Sequel to the article on “A Data Analyst’s […]
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A Data Analyst’s Introduction to MySQL

Is MySQL a good solution for reporting and data analytics? Is MySQL the right solution for your business intelligence needs? Sequel to the article on “Understanding Relational Database Management Systems.” this article will attempt to answer the question of how MySQL fits into the realm of data analytics by enumerating some of its characteristics. What is […]
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