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The Economic Impact of VAT rate increase in Nigeria

Introduction to VAT Value Added Tax colloquially known as VAT is a replacement of the sales tax which was earlier promulgated into existence through decree No.7 of 1986. VAT is a consumption tax on the supply of goods and services which is eventually borne by the final consumer but collected at each stage of the […]
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The Importance of Data Visualization

Why data storytelling? Data is useless until we understand what it means and can clearly communicate that meaning to those who need it. We live in the information age where there is so much information available and without proper care and skill, we can easily drown it. Above all else, this article focuses on the […]
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Trend Analysis with Excel

What is trend analysis and how do you predict the value of a commodity, measure or quantity? In this article, we cover some critical aspects of what is needed to generate trends. Our initial emphasis is on helping you identify and manipulate data that can be visualized as trends. This sometimes involves a bit of […]
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How to Connect MySQL to Power BI

MySQL is one of the most used legacy database management systems while it is the industry standard for storing and querying data, its forte is not in visualizing and aggregating data from multiple sources that is where Power BI comes in. So, what does it mean to connect? To connect is to join, link, unite, […]
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Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL

Data exploration! What does it mean to explore? To explore is to inquire into or discuss in detail. To explore is to travel through an unfamiliar path in order to learn about it, to conquer it and that’s exactly what we intend to achieve in this article. Sequel to the article on “A Data Analyst’s […]
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A Data Analyst’s Introduction to MySQL

Is MySQL a good solution for reporting and data analytics? Is MySQL the right solution for your business intelligence needs? Sequel to the article on “Understanding Relational Database Management Systems.” this article will attempt to answer the question of how MySQL fits into the realm of data analytics by enumerating some of its characteristics. What is […]
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VLOOKUP Function in Excel

  Following the previous Excel article on Excel Wildcards, we will be discussing the usage of the commonly used Vlookup function. Vlookup stands for ‘Vertical Lookup’. As the name Implies, Vlookup is a Microsoft Excel function that is usually used to lookup data organized vertically in a table. Vlookup supports approximate and exact matching, and […]
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