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Facility Management Analytics

Professional Facility Management (FM) is an emerging trend in Nigeria that is largely driven by the private sector. A lack of continuous maintenance has left many public institutions and national structures in Nigeria dilapidated. This bad culture is also reflective in the maintenance of public infrastructure like roads, stadiums, schools, and in public transportation services.

Transitioning from a culture of reactive (or nonexistent) maintenance to proactive and preventive maintenance has been one of the biggest challenges in the FM industry in Nigeria. There is also the issue of limited industry knowledge and experience among clients and contractors. However, on FM global outlook, the industry which was valued at $606 billion in 2015, is expected to be worth over $1.8 trillion by the end of 2024. We believe there are latent opportunities to create and add value to this space.

To address such concerns, analytics and continuous performance management should be integral parts of facility management. The dashboard below was developed from messages sent to residential tenants via a WhatsApp group where the tenants discuss building issues and get notified of their monthly bills. We wanted to find out more about the bills, to visualise trends, and to have a repository of information that can be referenced by business owners/landlords, facility managers and tenants.

Explore interactive dashboard below –