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Index & Match Simplified

Do you struggle whilst trying to make complex searches in Excel? Do you not understand the rudiments on how to use these powerful functions? This article will demystify the ambiguity surrounding these functions, and hence, make you more confident, and prolific in their usage. INDEX and MATCH is the most popular tool in Excel for […]
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Trend Analysis with Excel

What is trend analysis and how do you predict the value of a commodity, measure or quantity? In this article, we cover some critical aspects of what is needed to generate trends. Our initial emphasis is on helping you identify and manipulate data that can be visualized as trends. This sometimes involves a bit of […]
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Data Challenge: Excel Wildcard with Multiple Criteria

Hi Tribe, To continue our Data Challenge series, this tutorial will focus on more advanced use cases of Excel wildcard. The goal of our data challenge series is to motivate you, our users and readers, to imbibe an attitude of continuous learning and to solve some common problems encountered in the field of data analytics […]
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Summary: 9 Trends Shaping The Future of Data Analytics

The Data Analytics and AI space in Nigeria is still at its infancy and many companies are yet to embrace analytics in their workflows, let alone develop a data culture for a true digital transformation. IDG Connect conducted a quantitative survey among 200 U.S. based IT leaders at companies with over 500 employees, across all […]
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Budget collaboration

Open Analytics – Nigeria 2020 Proposed Budget

Tons and tons of data remain largely unexploited. The key to unlocking and achieving innovative feats and designing the most ingenious solutions may lie in being able to extract insights from the data. With the availability of and accessibility to a wealth of tools and resources that can help us better understand ourselves, it’s time […]
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