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Data Challenge: Excel Wildcard with Multiple Criteria

Hi Tribe, To continue our Data Challenge series, this tutorial will focus on more advanced use cases of Excel wildcard. The goal of our data challenge series is to motivate you, our users and readers, to imbibe an attitude of continuous learning and to solve some common problems encountered in the field of data analytics […]
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Expense Management Dashboard Picture

Building an Expenses Management Dashboard in Excel

In the series of videos below, we will learn how to build an Expense management dashboard on excel. Our primary tool will be Excel. We hope you learn more about Excel’s capabilities with this series and we hope you are able to follow through and create something similar or even better. Working Materials Download the […]
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Resa Academy Analysis

A Visual Display of Resa Academy’s Survey Form Respondents

Resa Academy is scheduled to launch on March 7, 2020, and we’re very excited to deliver sterling, hands-on and interactive workshops on analytics using Power BI, Excel and Python. A core part of what we do at Resagratia is working on Open Analytics projects. We’re committed to building quality analytics solutions that can be reproduced […]
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Top grossing movies IMDb

Visualizing The Top 1000 Lifetime Grossing Movies

In the series of videos below, we will be connecting to the movies data available on the Box Office Mojo website to build our dashboard. Our primary BI tool is Power BI, so ensure to have Power BI Desktop downloaded to follow along. We hope you learn more about Power BI’s capabilities with this series […]
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Power Query Power BI Transformation

How to Format Dates into X-Axis for a Line Chart

A question was asked by a newbie in the Power BI community. To paraphrase, “How do I convert this table to a line chart with the date on the x-axis?” This task requires only a few transformations in order to generate the line chart. Before beginning any analytics exercise, it’s important to understand the underlying […]
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